Nelson Academy Nursery

At Nelson Academy Nursery we are proud to have been part of the ‘Good’ Ofsted judgement within our Academy environment.


Being part of the Nelson Academy also means that we are able to access all aspects of the school e.g. using the hall for physical development activities and the wildlife area to learn about the world around us.  All children are provided with free fruit and milk, and have access to both indoor and outdoor learning environments.  If you are planning to send your child to Nelson Academy, then being in our Nursery will make the transition easier.


Nursery sessions:    Morning session – 9am – 12noon
                                   Afternoon session – 12noon – 3pm
                                   All day – 9am – 3pm


Claim your 15 hours FREE education or 30 hours of FREE education (subject to eligibility) – Contact us for more details 01366 383824 


We believe that Nursery should build on the valuable learning experiences that children have at home to give them a head start in their social, physical and educational development.

Research shows that children learn best when they feel happy, safe, secure and excited about what they are doing. It is our job to encourage children to explore, question, make choices, collaborate and have fun learning. These experiences will allow them to develop a love of learning and build strong friendships with their peers.

Children can start at Nelson Academy Nursery with funding (15 or 30 hours) the term after their third birthday.  However, if you would like to pay extra, your child can start as soon as they turn 3.  All of our sessions are 3 hours long and we understand that every family has different work and home commitments.  Therefore we offer a flexible approach to how these sessions are used. You can choose between morning or afternoon sessions, or a mix of full and half days.

Sessions and fees

Our timings are:
Morning session – 9am – 12noon
Afternoon session – 12noon – 3pm
All day – 9am – 3pm

Additional paid sessions will be available soon at a cost of £8 per session; please call the nursery on 01366 383824, or ask for more information when you visit us.

Learning at Nelson Academy Nursery

As with the rest of the academy, the nursery takes a topic-based learning approach, as well as following the child’s own interests.  Nursery news and events information are shared via notices outside the Nursery at the start of every month and on the main school newsletters.  Every half-term we have a Stay and Play session, and every term we have a Story Cafe where parents and guardians can attend, listen to a story and enjoy some activities with the children – we hope you can join us!