Autism Awareness Week

The children of Nelson Academy Autistic Spectrum Disorder Special Resource Base (ASD SRB) have been raising awareness of autism in the school and community.

Nelson Academy’s Special Resource Base is the only autism-specific base in the area.

Students from the class designed T-shirts to wear, featuring the ASD ribbon symbol and their own slogans, such as: ‘we rock autism’, ‘it’s ok to be different’, ‘it’s good to be me’, ‘let me help you understand autism’ and ‘I am just like you’.

Staff and children also led a school assembly where they showcased their T-shirts and shared their messages.

Lead-teacher Maggie Aitken said: “We will continue to raise awareness and money for autism research. Our penny line is growing fast!! Our children are proud to be different.”

In the academy’s most recent Ofsted report, the department was highly praised by inspectors. It stated:

‘In the school’s specialist resource base, the learning environment is warm and vibrant and encourages pupils to have pride in themselves and their work. Pupils access a range of multi-sensory provision throughout the week, which supports them to make progress in their well-being and their learning. Pupils access a broad variety of subjects and enjoy the topic-based cross-curricular work. Teaching assistants are adept at using their knowledge of pupils to ensure that any behavioural issues are managed in a calm and reasoned way. This ensures that pupils make consistent and sustained improvements in their learning and personal development.’