Nelson Academy adopts the policies of the Eastern Multi-Academy Trust.

A full list of policies, procedures, funding agreements and financial statements for Eastern Multi-Academy Trust is available here.

Local policies

There are also some policies and documents specific to Nelson Academy.

Absence Request For Exceptional Circumstances

Accessibility Plan 2017-2018

Admissions Policy 2017-2018

Anti-Bullying Policy 2017-2018

Attendance Policy 2017-2019

Behaviour Policy 2017-2018

Calculations Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy 2017-2020

Complaints Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

Emergency School Closures Policy 2018-2021

Equality Statement 2017

Gifted and Talented Policy

Medical Attendance Card

Safeguarding including Child Protection Policy 2017

Safeguarding – Nelson Academy Local Safeguarding Procedures 2017

SEN Information Report 2017-2018

Special Education Needs and Disability Policy 2017-2020

Teaching And Learning Curriculum Policy 2017

If you would like to request paper copies of any of the Eastern Multi-Academy Trust policies or our local Nelson Academy policies, please contact the main Academy office by telephone on 01366 383824 or by e mail at office@nla.eastern-mat.co.uk