Nelson Academy adopts the policies of the Eastern Multi-Academy Trust.

A full list of policies, procedures, funding agreements and financial statements for Eastern Multi-Academy Trust is available here.

Local policies

There are also some policies and documents specific to Nelson Academy.

Absence Request For Exceptional Circumstances

Accessibility Plan 2017

Admissions Policy 2017

Anti-Bullying Policy 2017-2018

Attendance Letter and Information

Behaviour Policy 2017-2018

Calculations Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Complaints Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

Equality Statement 2017

Gifted and Talented Policy

Medical Attendance Card

Safeguarding including Child Protection Policy 2017

Safeguarding – Nelson Academy Local Safeguarding Procedures 2017

SEN Information Report 2017-2018

Teaching And Learning Curriculum Policy 2017

If you would like to request paper copies of any of the Eastern Multi-Academy Trust policies or our local Nelson Academy policies, please contact the main Academy office by telephone on 01366 383824 or by e mail at office@nla.eastern-mat.co.uk